Annual Meeting October 2012

Slave Appointment Yet Future

Witnesses Of Jehovah Video

If you don't know who Jehovah is according to the Bible, all the rest does not matter!

Take heed therefore that the light which is in thee be not darkness. Luke 11:35

Scriptural Evidence That Identifies Who Jehovah Is

The NWT John 1:1 "a god" What is the authority for this change?

Does a blood transfusion violate the sanctity of life --Yes or No?

1914 Generation Changes April 15, 2010 WT - Who is confused?

What is the final authority, the Bible or the Watchtower?

The DNA Of Revelation 1:7-8 Clearly Identifies Jehovah

Who is Jehovah according to the Word of God?

Who is the first created? The first born?

Should 1 John 5:7 be in the Bible?

John 17:3 The Only True God!

Did Jesus Know Everything?

Trusting the Slave--Why?

Spirit-led Organization?

After death what?

God and Savior?

Triunity Facts

Trinity Facts

Do You Trust In An Organization More Than God's Word?

Who is the true founder of the Watchtower's teachings?

Can you believe something you don't understand?

Appendix A: They Shall Look Upon "ME" Jehovah

Witnesses of Jehovah Video - Click to Watch

There is only one eternal God who is triune

WT 1945 Yearbook -- Worship Jesus --Yes

WT Charter -- Worship Jesus -- Yes

The 144,000 The Born Again Class?

Abraham's Seed Only 144,000?

Studying your Bible with others

Resurrection ---Yes or No?

Every Eye Shall See Him

The Watchtower spin

Jehovah's Prophet

Ask JWs This Question!

Should I believe the Trinity? See the Watchtower's deception!

Did the Watchtower leaders restore God's divine name?

The New World Translation is not a translation! Why?

The Kingdom of God - What does the Bible say it is?

101 Questions To Ask Watchtower Leaders

Is Luke Chapter 16 a parable?

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