Where did Watchtower (WT) leaders really get their theology?  Was it from the Bible or was it from a Roman Bishop that was sited as a heretic?  Once you've red the true facts, you decide!

When WT leaders changed John 1:1 to "a god" without any true grammatical authority, what course of theology were they really following, when they made Jesus who is God into a demigod?


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"The Christology of Jehovah's Witnesses, also, is a form of Arianism; they regard Arius as a forerunner of Charles Taze Russell, the founder of their movement."

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 Encyclopædia Britannica Article

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"Arius born c. 250, , Libya died 336, Constantinople [now Istanbul, Tur.]

Christian priest of Alexandria, Egypt, whose teachings gave rise to a theological doctrine known as Arianism (q.v.), which, in affirming the created, finite nature of Christ, was denounced by the early church as a major heresy."