Mormon History And DNA Evidence

DNA Evidence and The Book of Mormon is a thoroughly enjoyable feature that seeks to compare and contrast mainstream scientific research with the history taught in the Book of Mormon about the origin of the Native American peoples. While many of the facts in this video (due to be released in February 2003) are not new, recent publicity surrounding a Mormon Anthropologist, Thomas W. Murphy, have brought even more facts to light surrounding the validity of the Book of Mormon.

Mormon Anthropologist Thomas W. Murphy stated, "I have serious problems with the Book of Mormon's representations of American Indians. Not only does it claim that Lamanites are the principle ancestors of American Indians, but throughout the text it repeatedly refers to them as Israelites, as descendants of Joseph; of descendants of the Biblical Patriarchs of Abraham. Those repeated references to an ancient Israelite connection have been clearly invalidated by scientific research and to the genes of American Indians."

Mr. Murphy expounds on the subject explaining that genetic research validates that American Indian DNA more closely resembles Mongolian and Siberian people than anyone else in the world. This evidence is further substantiated by archeological similarities between the cultures and in the artifacts that the people groups used. Linguistics data also shows similarities between the American Indian people and modern day Asians.

Dr. Stephen L. Whittington, Co-Editor of the "Bones of the Maya", comments that human skeletal remains show that the origin of people in North, Central and South America are clearly of North Asian descent. He goes on to say that there are no Hebrew origins to be found. Similarly, Molecular Anthropologist Dr. David Glenn Smith agrees that the homeland of Native Americans is Eastern Asia and goes into extensive detail into the compelling evidence that there is no link between the American Indians and Jewish or Hebrew genetics.

Mr. Murphy concludes with his final comment, "Mormon Scholars can pretend like this evidence doesn't exist, which I think is dishonest. We can confront it and we can challenge it. I don't think we (Mormons) would be successful in challenging the data, in fact I don't know of any Mormon scientists that are challenging the finding of geneticists... Most Mormon scholars who commented on the subject, including myself, agree that the American Indians could not possibly be the descendants of the Lamanites. That for the American Indians as a whole, it is genetically impossible (for relation to Lamanite descendants), it's also archaeologically impossible. It's also historically and linguistically impossible."

After watching DNA Evidence and The Book of Mormon it is painfully clear that Joseph Smith was a fraud and willfully attempted to deceive people. If these great cities actually existed across the Americas from ocean to ocean, where is the archeological evidence? Where is the linguistic evidence, the biological evidence or the historical evidence? Most importantly, where is the DNA evidence that links the American Indians to the Hebrew people? While the absence of such evidence is one issue, it is quite another thing when existing facts clearly contradict what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) are asking people to believe. This is simply unacceptable!

Blaine Hunsaker, an Ex-Mormon, finishes the video by reaffirming that Jesus died for the Mormon people and that they are just as deeply in need of Him as any other person. This video is an eye-opening look for Mormons to see the deception laid before them by clearly proving that there is no evidence to support The Book of Mormon and, in fact, provides contrary evidence.

In summary, DNA Evidence and The Book of Mormon is long overdue. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints need to realize that God does not seek to confuse us and lead us astray.