Most people who have been raised in a culture such as Islam are convinced they have a faith that is superior to all others. Islam has the same four marks as JWS, SDAS, and LDS, but there is one major difference. With the other three groups their practices and rituals started with the founding leaders. Four of Islam’s five so-called pillars of faith were in existence prior to the inception of Islam. The main religion of sixth-century Arabia was paganism. They worshiped 360 gods. The moon god was their main deity. He was called Allah. This name corresponds to the Babylonian god named Bel. The crescent moon was the symbol marking their temples and shrines. In Mecca was their most holy temple; it was called the Kabah. In the temple there was a large black stone they worshiped. It was kissed when people made their pilgrimage to Mecca.

If Muslims only new their real past, they might have a better chance of knowing their dreadful future, for no one can worship a false god and have true salvation. Mohammad only added one dogma to pagan Arabia’s existing pillars of faith: He was a prophet and Allah was the only god. Take a look at the following chart and see for yourself: Rituals of pagan Arabia Rituals of modern Islam.

Rituals of pagan Arabia

Rituals of modern Islam

1. Prayer towards Mecca at set times daily 1. Prayer towards Mecca at set times daily
2. Pilgrimage to Mecca once in life2. Pilgrimage to Mecca once in life
3. Giving of alms3. Giving of alms
4. Fasting according to lunar times4. Fasting according to lunar times
 5. Allah only God - Mohammed is his prophet

There is no real effort on the part of Islam to spin the existence of these parallel rituals. There is for the most part with the majority of Muslims just ignorance. If one were to elaborate on these facts, most Muslims would reject them as lies made up by infidels who hate Islam. Satan doesn’t really care what one believes as long as it’s not the truth.

One might ask, “Are there spins in Islam like there are in the other cults?” Yes, there are many, but the one that may help Muslims the most has to do with Jesus not dying on the cross. When one removes this spin, it gives the Lord a chance to challenge a Muslim’s heart with truth that can transform his thinking. First, let’s explain what Islam teaches about the crucifixion of Christ.

Islamic leaders teach their followers that Jesus was not crucified but was taken into heaven by Allah. This is found in the Koran (Sura 4:157). When asked who was crucified and how did this happen, there is no real answer, only several theories that just add to the confusion on the subject. Why did the writers of the Koran change the biblical truth that Jesus was crucified? To a Muslim it would deny that Allah had all power and control over this situation and also it would make it appear that Allah had abandoned his prophet and he failed to fulfill his mission, if Jesus was crucified. If Jesus would fail in his mission, then he would not be a prophet of honor and Allah would have failed. This kind of thinking is unreasonable to Muslims.

So how can one undo this most ludicrous spin? There is a way. A Muslim actually got saved after a pastor asked him this question, “Was Jesus sentenced to be crucified?” The Muslim answered, “Yes.” Then the pastor asked, “What was Jesus charged with?” The Muslim answered, “Blasphemy and sedition?” The pastor asked, “Did Jesus plead guilty to the charges of being the Son of God and the King of Israel?” The Muslim’s answer was yes. Then the pastor asked how Islam could view Jesus as a prophet of honor, if He pled guilty to blasphemy. The man stood with silence and conviction in his heart, for he knew at that moment Jesus must have been the Son of God or a false prophet. If this line of logic and truth could bring one honest, sincere, and dedicated Muslim to a saving knowledge of Christ, maybe you could use it to help someone the sweet Lord sends your way. Do you know any Muslims? Can you show Muslims the love of Christ and be ready to speak if the Lord gives you the same opportunity he gave this pastor?

The Bible is a “Know Spin Zone.” That means you must know the Word of God and rightly divide it to stop the spin. Once the spin is known and removed, some people will become aware of how they were deceived and see Jesus for who He really is: The Eternal Son of God, the Saviour of the World, and our soon-coming King.